Often the very best products of their kind are from companies you've never heard of. That's because these best products come from engineering driven companies focused on building the best performing products, as opposed to most companies that are marketing driven and have made it their first priority of business to make sure that you have heard of them and the products they have brought to market.

At Selectsystems by Contemporary Sounds our focus has always been on finding the best performing products and then showing why they should be your choice even though they may be products you may never have heard of. While this path is often more challenging, it is certainly the most rewarding.

So check out the SELECTED SPEAKER BRANDS below. They are the best speakers on the market today AND dramatically outperform anything we have sold in the past 43 years.

Meyer Sound, Genelec, Revel, Heos, Leon, and Amina are all at the top of their speaker categories. Home theater speakers, house music speakers, wireless speakers, stereo hi-fi speakers, hidden speakers, invisible speakers, find the best speakers right here!
Meyer Sound IS Live Sound! With
over 40 US and international patents Meyer Sound products are the most advanced on the planet.
Genelec speakers are used to mix the sound for countless movies, TV shows, and music recordings.
Upon hearing the superior sound of Revel speakers at their CES Show roll out Selectsystems by Contemporary Sounds instantly signed as the first Revel dealer in the world.
Ten years of research and development produced the best sounding, easiest to use wireless music system for the home.
Established in 1999, Amina is a British technology company which designs and manufactures specialist invisible loudspeakers for the high-end home and business.
Leon mixes art with audio and design with technology. Artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen dedicated to producing the finest quality benchmade American audio.