Often the very best products of their kind are from companies you've never heard of. That's because these best products come from engineering driven companies focused on building the best performing products, as opposed to most companies that are marketing driven and have made it their first priority of business to make sure that you have heard of them and the products they have brought to market.

At Selectsystems by Contemporary Sounds our focus has always been on finding the best performing products and then showing why they should be your choice even though they are the products you may never have heard of. While this path is often more challenging, it is certainly the most rewarding.

So check out the SELECTED AUDIO/VIDEO BRANDS below. They represent the best products on the market today AND dramatically out perform anything we have sold in the past. And while Sony and Marantz are very well known names, they are truly engineering based companies producing the very best products of their type.

Home theater surround sound receivers and processors from Marantz and Datasat. 4K TV, UHD video projectors and TVs from Sony. Media servers from Kaleidescape. Mirror TV, outdoor TV, kitchen TV, bathroom TV and shower TV from SEURA and home theater seating that moves you from D-Box, find the best audio/video components right here right here!
The Marantz products we offer today are just as exceptional as the Marantz products we presented in the 1970's!
The Datasat RS20i media processor is the most powerful, best performing, and most future proof component we have ever sold in our 43 years in business!
A private collection of great movies is a wonderful gift for every generation of your family. Kaleidescape is the way to build that collection.
Buckle up in your D-Box chair in the Rush Hour Theater at Selectsystems by Contemporary Sounds.
The future of movies and TV is 4K. Hollywood and TV production studios choose Sony 4K cameras, production equipment, TVs and projectors. So should you, Here's why...
Seura is TV design customized for you.
TV for outdoors, kitchen, shower and
more. Hand crafted in Green Bay,